Denise L. Gammal


Denise L. Gammal, PhD

Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Exponential Talent, L.L.C.

Dr. Denise Gammal leads diversity and inclusion research for Exponential Talent, a consulting firm that specializes in improving diversity and inclusion in organizations, through a unique combination of research-based practices and organization development and transformation expertise. As senior director, she develops and facilitates D&I workshops and consults with companies on analytics and metrics, strategies and programs to build more inclusive workplace cultures. Previously Denise directed the Anita Borg Institute’s research efforts and developed particular expertise in benchmarking and metrics while leading the Top Company for Women in Computing award initiative. She co-authored papers on research and best practices in the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in STEM, Solutions to Recruit Technical Women and Women Technologists Count. Prior to joining ABI, Denise led research, evaluation and learning at United Way of the Bay Area and directed a research project at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Denise holds a BA from Princeton University and a PhD in social and political sciences from Cambridge University.

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