Tiffany Crawford

Tiffany Crawford

Tiffany Crawford, MS is a scientist, corporate trainer, and yogi. At UC Berkeley, she chose electrical engineering as an opportunity to research the body as a communications system; always sending, receiving, and processing signals — studying neuroanatomy, medical imaging, and embedded systems.

Upon completing graduate school, she went on a quest to better understand the leadership and communication dynamics of Corporate America. Along this quest, Tiffany has consulted and led trainings in companies such as Warner Bros, Levi’s, Seimens, McKesson, Novell, and SAP to name a few. Through this lens she’s been able to experience business relationships and how it impacts the mind and body.

As a yogi, Tiffany has learned and now shares with others what it is to truly experience your Self and the magic of it. She integrates this knowing with her study of grounding principles and physiology to provide simple tools for professionals to own their power on and off the mat.

After almost a decade of consulting companies and six years of coaching Tiffany has created a signature system that helps individuals reconnect, recharge, and lead more powerfully – resulting in increased self-confidence, stronger relationships, and greater impact.

Tiffany splits her time between Beverly Hills and New York. She contributes to the Huffington Post under Healthy Living and mentors women and girls interested in tech careers.

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